I'm Stevie Rozean.

The fun facts:

  • From Cincinnati, OH, but currently live in Springfield, MO with my new husband,
  • Self-named "Donut Queen."
  • Enjoy rolling around in flower fields. 
  • Definitely not a morning person, but will roll out of bed every once in awhile to watch a sunrise.
  • Adrenaline/adventure junky.

The story:

Flashback 18ish years ago; I'm 5 years old & my sister is 2 and a half. We are painting with my mom at the kitchen island. My mom leaves the room for a moment, maybe 10 minutes tops. In that span, we manage to splay paint all over the kitchen - from our little bellies to the hardwood floor, from the stools we were sitting on to our pink cheeks.

Now I'm 20=something & not much has changed! I'm constantly making messes, my mom just isn't telling me to clean them up anymore! 

The years in between were filled with high school art classes, waitressing, making goofy music videos with my sister, teaching myself design, creating blogs, working as a barista, traveling, graduating from college with a degree in journalism, getting married to my best friend & so much more. Through all of it, I never strayed from my creativity = it leaks through everything I do. Now it's something I have the privilege of sharing with you! 

I must say, this part didn't come easily though. It's difficult to take something you care so deeply about and reveal it to the world, with its scrutiny and all. But this is something I lay awake at night thinking about and it courses through my dreams when I sleep. When I heard the quote below a couple months ago, I knew I had a choice to make.

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.
— Nelson Mandela

. And this little business is the result.