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Hey there.

I'm Stevie, an illustrator, letterer and designer currently living in Springfield, MO. I'm deeply inspired by travel and am constantly planning my next trip. Wildflowers, mountains and deep glacier lakes are always calling my name.You can find me hiking a mountain, sipping black coffee in a local cafe or cuddled up at home with my husband. His curly hair and doughnuts are my biggest weaknesses in life.

As an artist, my mission is to create meaningful art that stirs a sense of nostalgia and whimsy within you. I want to take you back to those simple moments, the ones you treasure most in the world, and make them come alive in a painting, wedding invitations or a logo. I use simple lines, opaque colors and classic strokes to accomplish this and have worked tirelessly to really master my style.

I also aim to empower dreamers and doers to stay inspired, forget fear and chase their dreams. My story began with lots of fear, but as I’ve grown, I’ve learned that there is so much power in stepping into that fear. By doing so, I was able to conquer my fears and chase my dreams. I hope to encourage others (maybe that’s YOU) to do the same, so that they too can pursue those little inklings of dreams that are festering in their hearts.

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