Logo & Icon Design for Canada-Based Adventurous Wedding Photographer | Maddie Mellott Photography

Maddie Mellott owns a photographer business based in Canada! Over the last several months she has been transitioning into shooting primarily adventurous weddings, elopements and couples. To help convey this shift in style to her potential clients, she came to me for a rebrand!

Of course I was SO in. Here is the result.

diamond and florals logo
Wedding Photographer logo
floral icon. florist logo. bouquet logo
adventure logo. hiking boots logo. photographer branding
elopement photographer logo. simple diamond logo
icons for wedding photographer
simple flowers and diamond logo

Logo & Icon Designs for Utah Lifestyle Photographer & Videographer | Witherell Photo + Film

These designs are for a husband and wife photography/videography team based in Utah! They wanted their branding to feel modern, yet represent the mountainous area that they live, enjoy and work in. I achieved that by using a really clean font and geometric diamond coupled with the curvature of a sagebrush branch!

sage design. diamond logo. earthy logo
diamond logo simple font for logo photographer logo
photographer logo. geometric logo
sans serif font for photographer logo
plant logo with diamond. geometric logo
mountain logo geometric diamond logo
utah photographer logo

Logo & Icon Designs for Arizona Wedding Photographer | Adrian Washburn Photography

I had a blast designing for Adrian Washburn Photography! The two main things she wanted to convey in her branding was intimacy and adventure. The hands interacting were a must for her logo. They show the human interaction she is constantly capturing in her work. The icons I designed to go with her logo focused on the earthy and adventurous side of her brand! Put all together, the designs we came up with fit her brand well, and I had a blast creating for her.

hand logo for wedding photographer, earthy branding
wildflower logo for small business. photographer logo. florist logo
hand holding wildflower logo
elopement photographer logo branding in arizona. hand logo
plant icon for creative business. florist logo. photographer. adventure logo

Logo Designs for New Zealand Photographer | Andrea Stephens Photography

There’s a first for everything. I had never created such a structured, geometric logo prior to Andrea’s! I love trying new things, executing new ideas and pushing my own boundaries. This was no exception. Though this logo took a little longer than expected, I am seriously over the moon with how it turned out! And so was Andrea! That’s a win-win if you ask me!

photographer logo. branding. illustration. icon geometric logo. sun bursts
geometric logo photographer
sunbursts logo branding icon
geometric logo sun logo moon logo

Logo Designs for Boutique Traveling Shop | Joyride Midwest

Small businesses are so stinking fun to create for! Why? Because the creative people behind the businesses are SO passionate about what they’re doing/starting. Joyride Midwest is a super fun company that will be launching in Springfield, MO soon. I can’t wait for it. Since it hasn’t launched yet, I will refrain from saying much, rather, here are the fun designs I created for them! Enjoy!

small business logo. branding. illustration. sun icon

Logo & Icon Designs for Colorado Wedding Planner | Moody Blue Events

Last October I went to a workshop for creatives in the wedding industry. While I was there I met Amber, the owner of Moody Blue Events! I had a blast creating with her and getting to know her during the workshop. Little did I know that when I back home to Springfield after the workshop there would be an inquiry from my new friend to help her re-brand her thriving biz! Of course I was all in.

Amber’s company has a romantic and moody vibe to it, so combining night sky elements and floral elements seemed like the best direction to go. I ended up creating her Primary logo, Alternate logo, a submark and Instagram highlight icons. And this it the result!

moon logo design
logo design for event planner. wedding planner. branding
moon logo. branding for small business
hand and rose logo
moon logo. illustration. icon
rose illustration. tattoo. logo icon
moody branding. small business branding.

Logo & Icon Designs for New Zealand Wedding Photographer | Oriwia Soutar Photography

Oriwia was a gem to work with. When she emailed me all the way from New Zealand requesting my branding services, I was completely stunned! I feel so blessed to have clients from all over the world, and I’m so thankful that social media makes that possible!

Oriwia is a couples photographer based out of a little beach town in New Zealand, which is the first place on earth to see the sunrise each day! Say WHAT! So cool, right?

Oriwia said that the NZ landscape and culture are important things to who she is and her business, so she wanted me to incorporate as much of that as I could into her branding! I’m all about organic and natural things, so I was game!

The logo she ended up choosing for her final primary logo is featured in the first photo below, a hand holding a bouquet of New Zealand flowers: the New Zealand Fern, a Daffodil and a Pohutukawa flower. The other illustrations incorporated some of the natural landscapes found in her town!

I loved working with Oriwia and I think the final pieces turned out great!

logo. design. photographer branding-7fin.jpg
logo. design. photographer branding-10fin.jpg
logo. design. photographer branding-11.jpg
logo. design. photographer branding-15fin.jpg

Logo Designs for Utah Photographer | Kendal Anne Photography

Kendal came to me with a simple idea, she wanted just one logo with hands intertwined. I'm so down to create for clients who already have a vision of what they're wanting. Of course I love building something from scratch, but I also dig bringing someone else's vision to life! It makes me giddy! 

Here's the simple logo Kendal asked for, plus some of her photos included! Isn't she amazing? LOL. I think I say that about everyone I work with. I just get to work with the best people ever! 

hands kendal.jpg

Logo & Icon Designs for California Wedding Photographer | LZG Photography

Illustration is my jam. I love creating hand-crafted, detailed designs for small businesses, it feels so personal and intimate! 

Lizabeth was so fun to work with. When she was telling me about her brand she described it as "genuine and steamy love." UGH. I loved that. And I immediately knew some figures and desert had to be incorporated into the illustrations. 

She ended up choosing the desert logo and the sun logo! You can check out her work here.

hand crafted logo. unique branding. artist logo-2.jpg
hand crafted logo. unique branding. artist logo-4.jpg
photo logo.jpg

Logo & Icon Designs for LA Photographer | KT Marie Photography

KT was a dream to work with! She's a photographer based out of LA and not only does she take warm, intimate and just downright beautiful photos of people in love, but she was so kind throughout the whole branding process! I hope to someday hire her to take photos of Parker and I when we're out west. 

I created four logos for her to choose from and she chose the bouquet and the pinky promise as her finals! If you'd like to check out her website with my logo on it (and hire her to take your photos), click here.

photographer logo. branding small business.jpg
hand crafted logo. unique branding. artist logo-13.jpg
hand crafted logo. unique branding. artist logo-9.jpg
hand crafted logo. unique branding. artist logo-6.jpg