Logo & Icon Designs for New Zealand Wedding Photographer | Oriwia Soutar Photography

Oriwia was a gem to work with. When she emailed me all the way from New Zealand requesting my branding services, I was completely stunned! I feel so blessed to have clients from all over the world, and I’m so thankful that social media makes that possible!

Oriwia is a couples photographer based out of a little beach town in New Zealand, which is the first place on earth to see the sunrise each day! Say WHAT! So cool, right?

Oriwia said that the NZ landscape and culture are important things to who she is and her business, so she wanted me to incorporate as much of that as I could into her branding! I’m all about organic and natural things, so I was game!

The logo she ended up choosing for her final primary logo is featured in the first photo below, a hand holding a bouquet of New Zealand flowers: the New Zealand Fern, a Daffodil and a Pohutukawa flower. The other illustrations incorporated some of the natural landscapes found in her town!

I loved working with Oriwia and I think the final pieces turned out great!

logo. design. photographer branding-7fin.jpg
logo. design. photographer branding-10fin.jpg
logo. design. photographer branding-11.jpg
logo. design. photographer branding-15fin.jpg