Bucket List.

I love to experience new places and try new things. My bucket list is ever-growing as I learn about this magnificent planet we live on and expand my worldview. Yes, these things may be unique to me, but I hope they will inspire you, fellow dreamer, to make a list of your own and start checking off some items. 

For brands, companies and businesses, this list is here to let you in on the places I'd love to go and things I'd love to do to help you market your business and create amazing content. Contact me here if you'd like to collaborate. 

  • Road trip & car camp around Iceland. 
  • Learn to play the ukulele, 
  • Hike Stairway to Heaven in Hawaii. 
  • Take a boat ride on Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. 
  • Visit all 59 U.S. National Parks. 10/59 Completed.
  • Go to the summer Olympics. 
  • Swim in Cibecue Falls in AZ. 
  • Walk the Camino De Santiago. 
  • Learn to speak another language. 
  • Ride in a hot air balloon.
  • Go bungee jumping. 
  • Go sky diving. Completed.
  • Visit Bali. 
  • Swim with sharks. 
  • Visit Capetown, South Africa. 
  • Visit Morocco.
  • Road trip & car camp around New Zealand.

The list is endless, so if you have a thing or place in mind, let me know. I'll probably be all in!