Custom Hand Lettered Quote

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custom. quote. lettering. hand lettering..jpg

Custom Hand Lettered Quote

from 30.00

Words are important. Whether it be a quote, song lyric, verse or even a few words your dad always says to you, get them beautifully hand lettered to decorate your space or to give to a friend.

Choose if you want your quote lettered on 8x10 inch or 11x14inch 140lb HQ white paper in HQ gouache.

Choose which color you’d like the hand lettering painted in.

Quotes can be up to 25 words long.

Upon adding this item to your cart, you will be asked to enter the quote that you’d like hand lettered. Make sure it is spelled correctly and include the source of the quote if you’d like that included in the hand lettering. Stevie Rozean Co. is not responsible for incorrect spelling, grammar or accuracy if it is not correct on the submission form.

Allow 1 week for completion.

All custom orders are final. Please keep in mind that due to the handmade process, your painting might have some imperfections. When talking specifics and details for your custom order, if you leave any important information out, I will use my artistic freedom to create what I think looks proportionate and correct. Otherwise, please specify any concerns or exact detail you want included if you do not want me to use my complete artistic freedom. Stevie Rozean Co. is not responsible if packages are lost via The Postal Service and no orders can be reimbursed if this were to occur. Let’s hope this never happens!

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