Tools for Learning in an Abundant World


I recently posted on Instagram about my yearning to learn even after high school and college. Many of you responded to my post saying that you’d love to know how I go about learning in this abundant world; there is so much at our fingertips and sometimes it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

Though I have done my fair share of research over the past few years to find which learning tools work best for me, I by no means have all the answers. Much of the tools I use for learning are geared toward people who want to learn about the creative world, whether that be photography, art, graphic design, marketing, blogging, etc. That being said, I do hope you gain a lot of tools from this post, but don’t put yourself in a box. Explore for yourself and find the tools that work best for you! And of course, let me know what tools you discover- I’m always excited to add more tools to my list.

So let’s get to it. I broke down my learning tools into five main categories, and each category has a few specific examples. Most of them are free too!


  1. Your local library. I’m getting into the habit of renting books on CD and keeping them in my car so that every time I get in the car the book automatically starts playing. I don’t have to plug in my phone or remember where I left off, it just plays. This forces me to keep listening and actually finish the book!

  2. OverDrive App. This app works through your local library and allows you to download audiobooks straight to your phone! And it’s free, unlike many other audiobook apps. Many public libraries work through this app, so check to see if your city library has it!


Podcasts. If you haven’t downloaded the podcast app, please do so now. Podcasts are essential to life! Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Creative Pep Talk: Helps creatives hone in on their gifts and create a thriving career.

  2. Bravery Board: Interviews creatives and those who promote mental wellness.

  3. Sounds Good with Branden Harvey: New interviews each week with people who are doing good in the world; many of the people are artists, writers and entrepreneurs.

  4. Ted Radio Hour: Dig deeper into the popular Ted Talks.

  5. The Goal Digger Podcast: A creative business podcast for all you girl bosses out there.

  6. The Laptop Lifestyle: A creative business podcast for those who want to travel the world and work from anywhere.

  7. Hope Writers: Tools for becoming a better writer and making a living while doing so.

  8. She Explores: Inspiration for those who love the outdoors.


Online Classes.

  1. Skillshare. This place is literally the best. Classes on all creative and entrepreneurial topics. I’m learning how to be a better artist, graphic designer, marketer, photographer and business owner. If you want a 2-month free trial, send me your email address through my contact form here.

  2. YouTube. You can find tutorials for almost anything on YouTube. Here are some of my favorites: Mango Street, Jessica Kobeissi, Adobe Creative Cloud, Yoga with Adriene, Andrew T. Kearns, Annie Tarasova.

  3. Lynda is similar to skillshare in that it has classes on many creative and entrepreneurial topics. Based on what I’ve seen, Lynda is more about teaching direct knowledge, whereas Skillshare teaches you how to apply your knowledge to creative projects. Many libraries offer Lynda for free if you have a library card.  

  4. Mango Languages. Wanna learn a language? Mango is a great tool for that, and many libraries also offer it for free.

  5. Ben Sasso. Ben has so many learning tools for photography on his website and is super interactive with his followers on Instagram. Ask him a question and he’ll definitely answer.



  1. Goodreads. Sign up for their email list and get monthly suggestions for books to read in your favorite genres!

  2. Instagram. There are so many book bloggers and publishing groups on Instagram. Following them will definitely give you some great reading options. Some of my favorite: Literaryjo, Penguin Random House, Powell’s Books.

  3. Subscribe to email lists. If you have a favorite writer, they most likely have a website with an email list you can subscribe to. Many of the writers I love send out monthly emails with book suggestions!

Experiences. This is a big one. Though you can learn all you want through technology, I truly think the best way to learn is through experience. Get out there and explore the world, even if it’s in your own city. Do the things you’re scared of and open yourself up to spontaneity. Here are some ways to learn through experience without leaving the country (though I highly recommend you start saving up for a trip):

  1. Food: Try a new restaurant, make a meal from a different country, go to a world food market.

  2. Activities: Try rock climbing, biking, painting, kayaking, wine tasting, pottery-making, volleyball, chess…. ANYTHING. There are so many opportunities to try new things, meet new people and learn!

  3. Outdoor: Research hikes in your area, go to a different park than you usually do, sit outside. One of my favorite hiking/camping apps is Outbound Collective.

  4. Documentaries: Get on Netflix, Hulu, or HBO (whichever you prefer) and get to watching! There is so much you can learn about the earth, food, culture, etc. through documentaries!

  5. Music: Listen to new playlists and different genres.

I hope this blog post is helpful to you! Happy learning!